Evaluation and Diagnosis

Riley ABA & Autism Center does not diagnose, but we can guide you and give you suggestions if you are pursing an evaluation for your child.
First, you want to find a developmental pediatrician, pediatric psychologist, or psychiatrist that can diagnose. Make sure to call the doctor's office and explain what you are needing to see if it is a good fit.
Second, you want to know what to expect from an evaluation. This varies depending on the provider. Generally, you can expect some paperwork and an appointment or multiple appointments that can be lengthy. Make sure you ask your provider about length of time and if there is any paperwork you may need to fill out ahead of time.
Third, ask what type of testing they use. The testing varies as well, but two well-known tests include the ADOS or Vineland-III.
Why do I need this? A formal diagnosis from a medical professional and prescription for ABA therapy are vital to getting your health insurance to cover therapy. Above all, ask questions of your provider so that you can feel well prepared and informed prior to your appointment.

Evaluation and Diagnosis Resources:

Jordan Psychological Assessment Center

6720 W 121st Street, Ste 101

Overland Park, KS 66209



Jordan Psychological Assessment Center provides psychological and psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents and adults.  Evaluations typically include initial interviews followed by individual testing.  Assessment materials are chosen specifically to address the areas of concern and may include cognitive, behavorial, personality, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological tests.  Following the evaluation, a feedback conference is held to discuss the results of the evaluation and relevant recommendations and is then followed by a detailed report.  In addition, consultations and/or follow-up services may be offered.


Children’s Mercy Hospital Developmental and Behavioral Sciences Clinic

2401 Gillham Road

Kansas City, MO 64108


Children's Mercy - Developmental & Behavioral Clinic

The Division of Developmental and Behavioral Sciences is one of the largest collaborative behavioral health programs of its kind in the country. Under one umbrella, the clinic addresses the developmental, psychiatric, psychological, and family therapy needs of children of all ages, providing coordinated care to a population of patients and families with extremely complex problems, including autism spectrum disorders.


The University of Kansas Medical Center - Center for Child Health and Development

3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City, KS 66160


University of Kansas - Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Care

The Center for Child Health and Development (CCHD) is a resource for families. When a child has trouble learning, speaking or acting, parents want answers and help. The staff at CCHD work as a team of experts to provide child diagnosis and family-centered care. Recommendations help families know where to begin. CCHD staff have expertise in child development, autism spectrum disorders, Fragile X syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. (CCHD does not accept Missouri Medicaid/HealthNet)